Did Google Kill Christmas This Year?

It’s an irresistible headline that tech journalists and bloggers are indulging in at the moment, despite the supercilious nature of the underlying subject matter.

Internet search giant and Android maker Google accidentally cancelled Christmas this year. More accurately, Google cancelled the month of December. Yep, it was eliminated altogether.

As the folks at CNN put it, a “buggy app in the new version of Google’s mobile operating system” got rid of the calendar year’s 12th month.

Or, perhaps, is this what the Mayans were warning us about?

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Then again, neither could the folks at CNET, who posted: Is Google the new Grinch who stole Christmas?

All told, some users of Android 4.2 complain that they can’t access or note December dates in the app because nothing exists between November 2012 and January 2013.

Google is yet to comment on the glitch, but we’re told they are working on a fix as we speak.