DialogTech for Mobile Marketing Pinpoints Callers

DialogTech Mobile Marketing Pinpoints CallersThis week, DialogTech announced the launch of DialogTech for Mobile Marketing, the first and only “comprehensive marketing solution for tracking, controlling, and optimizing revenue-generating inbound phone calls from mobile advertising” generated from any mobile source.

MMW is told that marketers now have the ability to pinpoint exactly which mobile marketing source (channel, program, ad, keyword search, app, email, video, etc.) drove each call and uses ROI data to see what’s actually driving revenue. It also includes the most accurate keyword-level attribution technology for Google Call Extensions.

Mobile now accounts for 40% of all online retail sales and 49% of all digital ad spend is from mobile advertising. According to DialogTech data, calls from mobile advertising have increased by 33 % over the last six months alone and by 2019, mobile ad spend will reach $65.87 billion, accounting for 72% of all digital advertising. It is increasingly becoming more important to be able to track what lead to each call.

Along with call attribution, DialogTech for Mobile Marketing includes a number of exclusive capabilities for measuring and controlling calls. These include contextual call routing which can determine the exact location of a caller, conversation insight through a platform that allows researchers to pinpoint keywords and phrases, and an “integration to include campaign-specific caller analytics data with third-party applications such as bid management, CRM, and web analytics solutions to improve campaign performance.”

Irv Shapiro, CEO and CTO of DialogTech, said “DialogTech is now providing marketers with that previously unattainable caller data, as well as the means to control and personalize each caller’s experience to improve sales conversion rates.”