DialogTech Launches SpamSentry for Businesses to Block Spam Calls

DialogTech Launches SpamSentry for Businesses to Block Spam CallsDialogTech , provider of the only end-to-end call attribution and conversion platform for “data-driven marketers,” has just announced the release of SpamSentry as part of the DialogTech Voice360 platform.

SpamSentry is an adaptive, machine-learning application that stops fraudulent and unwanted calls before they reach a company’s sale team and prevents spam call data from appearing in the analytics that marketers use to measure the performance of mobile marketing campaigns.

The rise of mobile marketing has caused a correlated rise in the number of consumers connecting with brands via mobile click-to-call. To measure its effectiveness, marketers use unique phone numbers to track and analyze inbound phone calls generated by mobile searches, ad, and websites. However, spammers pollute the data and can take multiple forms. DialogTech’s early adopters are seeing 26% of their calls flagged and blocked as unwanted spam.

DialogTech’s SpamSentry platform has successfully blocked millions of spam calls and has achieved a 99.4% efficiency rate. SpamSentry does not require third-party integrations or partnerships with other vendors to operate.

  • Key features include:
    • Recurring Neural Network – Industry-leading functionality that allows DialogTech’s application to self-identify spam calls resembling those that have previously been identified and block those calls from reaching a business.
    • Adaptable to New Spam – As new types of spam are discovered, DialogTech can teach SpamSentry to identify and block them.
    • Keypress Technology – Once spam has been identified, an interactive voice response (IVR) prompt is triggered, which requires a keypress from the caller before connecting the call. This ensures spam calls are blocked, but any legit caller is still connected with the business.

Available today, this new feature is free of charge to all DialogTech customers as part of the Voice360 platform.