DeviceBits Customer Support Tech to Help in iOS 11 Downloads

MMW learned today that DeviceBits — a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software company — has some news.

The firm, by its own admission, “is all too familiar with iOS releases and the hoards of questions and issues that surround a major release” by Apple.

For over two years now, DeviceBits has been providing millions of users and call center agents early insight into the latest iOS releases through its Academy & CareAssist products. Wireless Carriers continue to work the balancing act to deliver support on products and services for brands outside their own, knowing that it provides a bit more control in the overall customer experience which is key.

We’re told that CareAssist will make iOS 11 available to the 20,000-plus call center agents using the DeviceBits platform for training, education, and support purposes.

These agents get an interactive experience learning about new iOS 11 features, device functions, and best practices on customer resolution. It helps bridge the education gap, especially for those agents who don’t personally use Apple devices. On average, CareAssist agents are seeing a 25% decrease in call times compared to agents solving same issues and not using the system.

“It’s always great to witness a call center agent during that ‘ah-ha’ moment when they discover the answer to a customer’s problem. It is even more rewarding when we’ve presented the solution before they (or the customer) even knew it was a problem,” said DeviceBits CEO, JC Ramey, as he recalls a recent client visit to watch the CareAssist product in action.

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