Developer Mindshare Dominated by iOS, Android

Developer Mindshare Dominated by iOS, AndroidAccording to the findings of the newest Developer Economics Q3 report, Android and iOS appear to control the solid majority of developer mindshare.

Based on the findings, Android is now the leading developer platform at 71 percent. iOS, meanwhile, takes a 56 percent share.

State of the Developer Nation is the 5th in the series of Developer Economics reports, based on the largest, most global developer survey (over 6,000 respondents from 115 countries). This report tracks the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetization trends, revenue models and developer tools.

Also of note from the new report is the discovery that 52 percent of the developer community presently uses HTML5 technologies for developing mobile apps.

Of developers looking to adopt a new platform and redirect some of their focus, Windows 8 captures 40 percent of Mobile Developer Intentshare. BB10 is hanging tough at 28 percent, while Firefox OS takes 27 percent.

The report also highlights what is motivating developers these – creativity or sense of achievement. That’s what is pushing 53% of mobile developers to work as hard as they do today.