Deutsche Telekom to Boost Mobile Security Across Europe

On Monday, Deutsche Telekom announced a new strategic partnership with Lookout Inc.

If you’re unfamiliar, Lookout is a leading mobile security company that has quickly become one o the better known and more trusted of its industry.

The partnership aims to deliver the Lookout Mobile Security app to Deutsche Telekom’s many European customers.

“The partnership focuses on distribution and joint innovation,” both organizations said in a joint press release.

Worldwide, mobile devices have become an attractive target for malware, fraud, hackers and identity theft. In 2011, Lookout identified more than 1,000 instances of mobile malware, a significant increase since 2010.

“The mobile environment is increasingly led by downloadable mobile applications, often with people customizing their devices with mobile applications from different sources,” says Heikki Makijarvi, Senior Vice President Business Development at Deutsche Telekom. “This drives the importance of security and health on mobile. Lookout’s experience in developing leading-edge security applications for this new dynamic environment makes them the ideal partner for Telekom in this critical new category of device solution.”

“As mobile devices become the primary computing device for consumers, Deutsche Telekom is passionate in providing customers with the best security and privacy,” adds John Hering, CEO and founder at Lookout. “By offering tools that promote mobile security and health, Deutsche Telekom is empowering people with the confidence to do more on their phone.”