Despite The iPhone, App Developers Remain OS Agnostic

With all you hear about the iPhone and its thousands of available apps, you’d think it’s the only mobile OS that developers are interested in.  A new study reveals that while the iPhone is an important piece of the puzzle, developers are still remaining OS agnostic- meaning they’re developing their apps to run on multiple mobile operating systems instead of going platform-specific.

Sponsored by research firm Chubby Brain, the study looked at venture-backed 2009 mobile app start-ups and determined that 67 percent are developing their applications to work on multiple platforms- namely, the top six mobile operating systems: iPhone, Palm, RIM, Android, Symbian, and Windows.  In addition, 33 percent are developing for a single platform- primarily the iPhone.

Of the 67 percent of developers that are developing for multiple platforms, more than 3/4 (76 percent) are developing their apps to run on all six primary operating systems.  Additionally, 12 percent are developing for only two out of the top six- that being RIM and the iPhone.

It’s interesting research, though likely skewed due to the fact that the sample size included only venture-funded app start-ups.  With VC funding, it’s likely the developers want to get their apps to as many consumers as possible, and being platform-specific would be limiting.  If the research included all apps being developed right now, you would undoubtedly see a spike in iPhone-specific development.