Demand for Enhancing Customer Experience Using Social Data Drives Significant Adoption of Platform, a leading customer experience (CX) platform, drove strong growth in the U.S. in 2016, increasing sales by 93% year-over-year (YoY) and extending the company’s impressive growth streak for the sixth consecutive year.

MMW was briefed at length on the growth stats ahead of this past weekend.

All told, Falcon grew its market share, increasing its U.S. client base by 90% with the addition of new customers such as Columbia University, and making a significant number of add-on purchases by existing customers, such as A&E Ole Networks.

More marketers are beginning to understand the importance of CX and the value of social data to help convert sales and build brand loyalty. The increased demand by marketers and social media managers for sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to extract social data has fueled Falcon’s growth, particularly in the U.S. According to the results of Falcon’s recent Customer Experience Trends Report 2016, conducted in partnership with SSI, 60% of marketing leaders see social data as the future of CX.

“US brands are shifting focus to Integrated Customer Experience, which emphasizes interactions with customers – not one-way marketing,” said Ed Terpening, industry analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet company. “We agree with Falcon CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen when he said that social wasn’t the billboard or banner we thought it was – it was actually the telephone.”

“The sheer number of companies who are using social media to reach and engage with their customers has provided an enormous opportunity for Falcon to expand further in the U.S.,” said Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO of Falcon. “The CX platform market is still evolving, as companies are looking to consolidate the tools they use into something more universal, and Falcon is leading the way in defining it by feeding the appetite for more disciplines/social touchpoints in one turnkey tool. In the future, Falcon will add even more cross-channel integration to give marketers more ways to discover, connect and engage with customers.”