deltaDNA Debuts New ‘SmartAds’ Ad Management Platform

deltaDNA Debuts New ‘SmartAds’ Ad Management PlatformThe mobile ad industry has been buzzing in recent weeks in response to the latest offering from deltaDNA, an analytics and game personalization platform.

Late last month, the company announced a major extension of its platform with SmartAds- a new data-driven ad-management solution which combines intelligent player targeting with dynamic ad mediation to increase in-game ad revenues by around 300 percent.

SmartAds achieves this by taking an innovative approach to in-game advertising, where the player experience is placed at the heart of the process.

“Drawing on deltaDNA’s powerful analytics toolset and rich event data, SmartAds ensures that each player gets the monetization experience they prefer by segmenting them into either ad responsive or IAP responsive groups,” the company says.

All told, with deltaDNA SmartAds, developers gain access to over 120 ad networks through one  SDK.

“We are truly independent and have no inventory to sell; so we are focused on giving developers clear information and tools to optimize their revenues,” says Mark Robinson, CEO of deltaDNA. “We’ve created a solution that fully respects the player experience while maximizing ad revenues throughout the player lifecycle.”