deltaDNA, AppsFlyer Join Forces for Player Engagement

deltaDNA, AppsFlyer Join Forces for Player EngagementdeltaDNA, an analytics and game personalization platform, and AppsFlyer, a mobile advertising measurement platform, recently announced a partnership offering mobile publishers and developers “a complete end-to-end solution, spanning user acquisition and analysis through to advanced Player Relationship Management.“

With good retention rates being so important to the success of mobile games, the partners explain in a joint statement, understanding which campaigns and which channels deliver engaged users is critical.

However, acquisition is only one piece of the puzzle; developers must also understand how those players are engaging with the game and be able to predict their lifetime value (LTV).

This partnership, the announcement continues, brings together two industry leading analytics platforms to create an integrated solution.

In short, deltaDNA users can now understand the effectiveness of their acquisition strategy by being able to combine data about acquisition channels with predictive models to understand which sources are generating engaged, revenue-generating users.

Conversely, AppsFlyer’s clients “can now extend their player knowledge by accessing deltaDNA’s pro-level analytics and player engagement tools, giving them the power to segment their user-base and deliver more personalized game environments to increase engagement and foster long-term relationships with players.”

“Many developers lie awake at night worrying about the effectiveness of their acquisition spend,” says Mark Robinson, CEO of deltaDNA. “The combination of deltaDNA’s LTV and Retention predictive models with AppsFlyer data allows developers to make early decisions about their acquisition strategy.