DeepTarget Announces Restructure

FinTech company DeepTarget Inc. announced this week what it calls a major restructuring to meet the demands of its growing customer base, ensure scalability for rapid expansion, and build a strong foundation for its ambitious 3-year plan.

“In the age of the customer, banks and credit unions recognize the need to enhance customer engagement through highly targeted and personalized digital messaging,” the company tells us, noting that DeepTarget is a growing source of support for accelerating cross-selling, increasing revenue, and driving customer loyalty for financial institutions.

This builds on a keen understanding at DeepTarget that today’s banking customers view digital services as a key driver when deciding where to bank – and that customers and members expect their financial institution to build a relationship with them by engaging them with relevant and targeted online communications.

“Today, we are already helping hundreds of financial institutions across the country to accelerate cross-selling, increase loan demand, promote product adoption, and support informed decisions through targeted online conversations and detailed analytics for continuous campaign improvement and effectiveness,” said Preetha Pulusani, founder and CEO of DeepTarget. “We continue to augment the success of our clients through the use of innovative marketing solutions enabling them to have thousands of concurrent conversations with their customers every day. DeepTarget looks forward to even more customer growth and expanded partnerships in 2017. It is therefore critical that we have the right leadership team in place.”