DeepMarkit Targets the ‘Next Level’ of Interactive Marketing

This week, DeepMarkit Corp. — a producer of gamified marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes — provided MMW with an update.

“In recent months DeepMarkit has been launching gamified promotions and testing with companies to help finalize the development of its FetchBot platform and define its commercialization model,” the company tells us.

Now, we’re told that, FetchBot will implement a pricing model similar to Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, where “users will be able to set a budget for their promotions. However, uniquely different, users will pay per lead rather than per gameplay or clicks.”

For example, a client using the FetchBot platform recently ran a very successful promotion which provided further proof of value in regard to our gamification DIY platform. Bikram Hot Yoga Tri-City sent a gamified promotion to their entire mailing list using Constant Contact.

Before the campaign, their average click-through rate (CTR) was 3%, a media release explains. However, with the gamified promotion, they received a 15% CTR – a 500% increase. The industry average on CTR is 2%. Of the customers who clicked through to the game’s landing page, 91% engaged and played the game. The value of the FetchBot platform to clients speaks through the continued success of these kinds of promotions.

“The results of our promotion were tremendous and increased our sales over 18% compared to the previous promotions we have run,” says Ashif Motan, the owner of Bikram Hot Yoga Tri-City. “It’s hard for small business owners to interact with their audience and clients but the gamified promotions FetchBot provides enabled us to expand our brand, develop leads and engage with our community. We are planning to create regular campaigns using the FetchBot platform because of the high value it brought to our studio.”