Decoded Fashion, DoubleDutch Aim to ‘Transform Global Events’ into Connected Communities

kreiranje-linkova-utm-tagovi_57442b8755a19This week, DoubleDutch — a leading provider of the Live Engagement Platform — announced that Decoded Fashion, a global event series connecting decision-makers in fashion, beauty and retail with emerging and established technology companies, — has seen what it calls “immense success” as a result of implementing DoubleDutch’s Live Engagement Marketing technology.

As a rapidly expanding global event series, Decoded Fashion needed a solution that allowed it to scale to accommodate the growing number of attendees, stages and sessions, while also delivering a socially-driven, relevant experience.

According to a statement emailed to MMW, the advanced capabilities of the DoubleDutch platform empowered Decoded Fashion to enhance their global events with improved scheduling, communication and a completely branded application.

DoubleDutch also helped post-event with the data it provided on the most popular sessions. The information gave Decoded Fashion insight into what topics were of the most interest for attendees, allowing the team to plan better for future events.

“At Decoded Fashion, we’re extremely proud of the brand we have built over the last several years and the significant growth we have seen at our global events,” said Chelsea Rusch, Global Events Manager at Decoded Fashion. “We were challenged with finding a powerful technology solution that gave us the tools to accelerate this growth while staying true to our brand, and that is where DoubleDutch has become a critical component of our event execution. Everything from scheduling, to communicating with attendees, to planning for future events can be done in our personalized application and we’re excited to see continued success through the use of DoubleDutch’s Live Engagement Marketing technology.”

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