is Driving a New Endeavor, a somewhat well known veteran provider of online marketing solutions to the automotive industry, today announced the launch of mobile-specific dealership websites, designed for use on hand-held devices.

Although their pitch sounds a lot like others – “the new mobile web solution lets on-the-go shoppers quickly and easily browse dealerships’ new and used online inventory and includes complete video integration” – in my opinion, this particular offering has some degree of professionalism, while other similar providers occasionally come across borderline cheesy and incomplete.

In a nutshell, this mobile-specific user interface makes it convenient for automotive consumers to find and search dealership websites at any time of day or place.

Even though quoting a company rep usually leads to little more than blatant advertising, one comment in particular from the press release – the element of staying ahead of the curve – really stood out in my mind because, essentially, a mobile marketing endeavor is practically antiqued by the time its released in this rapidly evolving industry. And unless you keep an eye toward the future and your competition, you will fall as quickly as you climb.

“We take research and development very seriously and devote significant resources to keep our dealers at the leading-edge of the most effective and relevant online marketing capabilities,” commented Rick Gibbs, chief technology officer. “Our dealers stay two to four years ahead of the competition. Integrating mobile media into the Full Spectrum Internet Marketing Solution is yet another way we’re addressing the future for dealerships. Our mobile web and video integration lets dealerships cater to the fast growing market of mobile web users, and provides additional competitive advantage.”