Deal or No Deal for DQ.Mobi?

A different “cool treat” of sorts is being dangled in front of the Diary Queen corporation. And with it comes the potential for mobile marketing success

mSpotlight Inc., a small company that owns the name has gone public with its “one-week offer” to Dairy Queen to provide the domain name for promotion of a full fledged mobile marketing campaign. is the shortest .mobi name available and is one out of only 676 two-letter .mobi combinations.

As of yet, Dairy Queen is yet to formally announce their decision to accept or decline the invitation. It’s unlikely that DQ will manage to throw together a mobile marketing campaign so quickly, yet you have to wonder if the national attention given to this unique one-week offer would be sufficient to drive big business for DQÂ through the mobile marketing channel.

Although much attention is being given to the owner of, I can’t help but wonder how many similar offers will be made to other companies by the 676 owners of other potential lucrative two-letter .mobi addresses.

If the DQ invite is accepted and business spikes a bit during the spotlight week, there’s an excellent possibility that mSpotlight Inc. will offer the domain for purchase at a very high price.

Ah, yes… the business of mobile marketing has arrived.