Deadly Explosion Rocks Apple’s iPad 2 Production Plant

A fatal explosion has occurred at the Foxonnn plant in China where Apple’s iPad 2 is mass produced.

Although details are still developing from the site of the blast, it is believed that close to two dozen injuries – some serious – have been sustained, in addition to at least two confirmed fatalities.

“We are working with medical officials to provide treatment to the injured employees and we are working with government and law enforcement officials to contact the families of all employees affected by this tragedy,” Foxconn said in its statement.

The Foxconn plant is located in a southwestern region of China known as Chengdu.

Production has been suspended indefinitely at the facility as officials assess the extent of the damage and the potential cause of the explosion. Authorities say foul play is not suspected and that a mechanical cause for the blaze is most likely.

For the time being, Foxconn says the situation has been brought under control by the local fire department.

Apart from the tragic loss of life and injuries reported, it is believed that the explosion will – at least temporarily – slow iPad 2 production at the plant.

“Anytime you have an explosion of this nature, you’ve got to assume that there’s some impact on the production line,” Rhoda Alexander, an analyst for IHS iSuppli, tells the Wall Street Journal, subsequently noting, however, that any production delays will likely be brief.