DCMN Acquires 1SDK to Accelerate Mobile Growth

image005Growth solution provider DCMN says it is strengthening its mobile expertise with the acquisition of US startup 1SDK.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed to MMW.

We’re told that 1SDK, an attribution platform that measures the performance of mobile marketing campaigns, will be integrated with DCMN’s existing technology suite as the company ramps up its efforts to address the growing demand for mobile marketing solutions.

Until now, DCMN has primarily focused on developing its TV attribution technology. However, as more people switch to mobile to consume content, this deal will allow DCMN to develop a proprietary mobile capability, as well as launch new features leveraging the two platforms.

“We strongly believe that mobile is the future,” says DCMN’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Andreas Dengler. “The time spent with mobile digital media has now surpassed desktop, and the trend is expected to accelerate. This acquisition gives DCMN the technology to measure the success of its mobile campaigns based on its own datasets, something which is only going to become more and more important to deliver an exceptional marketing performance.”