DC Welcomes Big Wigs of Mobile Marketing

Gathered in Washington D.C. today are stakeholders from across the mobile marketing industry.

Wednesday kicks off the first of two back-to-back days of town-hall style meetings hosted by the Federal Trade Commission to “flesh out the various facets of the nascent mobile commerce and marketing sectors in search of any potential harm to consumers.”

Representatives from Google, Myspace, and Yahoo have descended on the Capitol along with other tech companies big and small to discuss the future of mobile marketing and its appropriate application. If anything, however, the meeting of these mobile marketing minds reveals how the industry, albeit a growing one, remains a microcosm of the greater Internet industry.

“It’s something that has been seen as coming down the pipeline for some time,” said Mary Engle, director of the FTC’s advertising division. “But it’s still a small fraction of most companies’ advertising budgets.”

Today’s panel will focus on different ad models, academic researchers and industry professionals who develop mobile campaigns. All will weigh in on what it will take for the handset to take its place alongside the television and computer as “advertising’s third screen.”