D.C. First to Test Mobile Digital TV Program

We’re all waiting for it – mobile TV broadcast straight to our mobile devices, live. And now, it looks like that day may be just around the corner. American Idol can never get enough eyeballs; that’s why the popular TV program, along with shows airing on CBS, NBC, PBS, Ion, and Fox will begin to broadcast their programs on mobile devices in the D.C. area late this summer, a test for what’s to come for mobile digital TV across America.

This summer’s test markets should allow consumer electronics companies to start testing and producing devices. There are currently no commercial devices that can carry digital TV broadcasting. Several vendors such as LG and Samsung displayed prototypes of cell phones and other gadgets that would allow consumers to watch shows on the go.

“The industry is clearly embracing mobile DTV as an exciting next step in the evolution of digital television broadcasting,” said David Rehr, president and chief executive of the National Association of Broadcasters, to The Washington Post. “We’re completely impressed by how quickly these television broadcasters and equipment makers are moving to bring Mobile DTV to market.”

A few, select consumers will get to test the signals in Washington, D.C. this summer. By year’s end, the mobile video coalition expects to have more than 70 stations publicly airing the new signals in nearly three dozen markets.