DB Squared’s 12 Days of Holiday Marketing eBook Out Now

DB Squared’s 12 Days of Holiday Marketing eBook Out NowDB Squared released their newest ebook, 12 Days of Holiday Marketing, in mid-October, in preparation for the impending holiday shopping season. And so far, it’s been a hit, which is why many marketers are scrambling to catch up now and download this hot read for the cold season of holiday shopping to come.

This ebook, we’re told, is filled the brim with tips and tricks for small businesses to leverage the biggest shopping season of the year, even with decreased foot traffic and a sales forecasts showing that fewer people will be hitting the streets to buy presents. This ebook focuses on what businesses can do during November and December to attract more shoppers.

The ebook is free to anyone subscribed to DB Squared’s email list and is especially intended for those who are looking to compete with online retailers—meaning those who still operate brick-and-mortar stores and rely on foot traffic in order to make their money.

Elizabeth Kraus, the marketing manager of DB Squared said, “In January, the Wall Street Journal published a ShopperTrak/CoStar Group report which revealed a big drop in retail foot traffic for November and December 2013. It points to a big discrepancy in the retail arena, where gains overall might not translate into business growth for local retailers and small businesses. Compared to a count of nearly 35 billion consumers visiting brick and mortar locations in 2010, in November-December 2013 this number was only 17.6 billion consumers; that’s a drop of 50% in just 3 years.”

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