DataWeek + API World 2014 Honors Advertising's Hottest Innovators

DataWeek + API World 2014 Honors Advertising's Hottest InnovatorsThis week, the mobile advertising industry’s hottest young innovators were honored as the DataWeek + API World 2014 awards were announced.

Names were announced ahead of the DataWeek + API World Conference and Expo set to take place in San Francisco, September 16th-17th.

For the third year running, the event attracts over 3,000 engineers and executives who converge to discuss the role of data + API innovation on business, technology, and society.

“This year’s DataWeek + API World crowd vote was our most active awards voting yet, with more than 100 nominated technologies,” says Geoff Domoracki, founder of DataWeek + API World. “What makes many award recipients this year stand out is the number of IT/infrastructure tools that are now available to developers or executives as-a-service.”

For the full list of award winners, click here.

This year’s most prestigious winner was Airpush, which won the DataWeek + API World 2014 award for Most Innovative Advertising Data Solution.

“DataWeek’s recognition is a huge validation of the strategy that has been years in the making,” said Asher Delug, founder and CEO, Airpush. “We started Airpush as a performance-first mobile ad network, and one of the most important factors in performance is great data and the ability to use it to drive results. As we evolve our offering, more and more mobile advertisers have already discovered how our data strategy can generate industry-leading ROI for their campaigns and this award is a great affirmation from the industry as a whole.”

For the venerable mobile advertising platform, this recognition is just the latest feather in Airpush’s cap. Most recently, Airpush ranked #2 on Forbes’ 2014 list of America’s Most Promising Companies,

To learn more about Airpush and the recent release of Share of Voice (SOV), the newest update to the company’s Optimizer tool, click here.