Data Points Changing the Face of Mobile Marketing

Data Points Changing the Face of Mobile MarketingThe staggeringly fast increase in mobile web browsing has created a need to measure the difference between mobile browsing habits and desktop browsing habits.

Not only is mobile browsing on the rise, but mobile browsing while at home and browsing on multiple devices and the same time is also climbing quickly.

For example, an individual could be watching TV at home while browsing the Internet on their iPad and checking social media on their smartphone. This increase in the simultaneous usage in mobile browsing has led Adbrain founder Gareth Davies to create a system of data points used to scale the trends in mobile habits.

These data points will be utilized to help marketers determine where to invest their mobile advertising dollars, as well as help in creating cross-screen campaigns. Since mobile habits are drastically different from desktop habits, data points are needed to accurately target consumers.

Adbrain, which launched in 2013, has already raised $7.5 million from investors to further perfect their data point technology. Davies spent 5 years working for search engine powerhouse Google and saw the need for improved methods of scaling mobile advertising, which is what lead to the creation of Adbrain.

To date, Adbrain’s innovative technology has landed them several large global clients. Davies estimates that the mobile advertising industry will grow to become a $30 billion industry in the next 3 years, making the need for his data points and mobile technology a must for brands and businesses.