Dasheroo Makes a Dash for Salesforce for Promising Integration

SALESFORCEDasheroo, a business dashboard provider for businesses around the world, tells MMW that they are rolling out a new offering — business dashboards viewable within a Salesforce instance.

“Businesses can now get an overview of the health of their business for CRM, social media, marketing and sales from one application,” an emailed statement reads. “The concept behind the technology is based on Dasheroo’s philosophy that every business needs a dashboard to analyze and act on ever-changing metrics to grow a company, and that they should be able to access it from any device or host application.”

Dasheroo integrates with over 29 data sources and tracks over 350 metrics including Salesforce, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and Pinterest, as well as a host of other popular business applications and custom internal data sources. Now Dasheroo dashboards can be viewed and analyzed right inside of a Salesforce user account on both desktop and mobile.

“Tracking KPIs should be at the core of every successful business and should be analyzed and acted upon immediately,” says Dasheroo CEO John Hingley. “If a business user wants to view metrics within their favorite go-to application, we’re 100% behind it. With this new integration, any Salesforce user or team can view sales metrics right alongside marketing metrics driving those opportunities, within a Salesforce account and on a mobile device.”