Dairy Queen Franchises Succeeding with SMS Marketing

Dairy Queen Franchises Succeeding with SMS MarketingSeveral Kansas-based Dairy Queen franchises have experienced a marketing win thanks to recent SMS campaigns designed to drive traffic into the stores on “National Cheeseburger Day,” which was September 18th.

The Dairy Queen locations in questioned utilized a mobile and loyalty marketing campaign that was so popular, two locations ran out of product following the rush of customers.

One location’s owner even had to stop by to run the grill for a while, as the increased demand made his location understaffed, a press release issued Monday explained.

The three Dairy Queen locations utilized VIPTextDeals.com’s Loyalty Rewards Kiosk to send a text message, or “broadcast,” to their customer database on National Cheeseburger Day.

The message sent to the 1,482 subscribers opted-in at the time of the broadcast read, “It’s National Cheeseburger Day! Sink Your Teeth into .99 Cent Cheeseburgers @ Dairy Queen {STORE LOCATION} until 8pm Tonight/No Limit/Show Text – FWD-2-Friends!”

Not surprisingly, this “highly targeted, aggressive offer” resulted in a drastic increase in normal business for all three locations.

In just the first 24 hours following the broadcast, one of these locations saw a 483 percent increase in traffic, bringing in an extra 106 customers out of the 590 subscribers who received it.