Cyber Terrorism Already Gaining Ground in Online Gambling

Cyber Terrorism Already Gaining Ground in Online GamblingFrom the suspension of trading on the NYSE, to flights being grounded across the country, tech glitches and mysterious mishaps caused no shortage of headaches on Wednesday.

And countless fears of cyber terrorism and attacks returned to the national discourse.

But there’s already one market where cyber attacks are anything but uncommon — the online gambling market.

According to a report this week from our sister site, mGamingWatch, it’s a headline we’ve seen before and, unfortunately, will probably see again.

Cyber attackers continue to focus their attention on online gambling sites where such platforms are legal, including the state of New Jersey — the site of the most recent attack.

“State and federal authorities are investigating a cyber-attack on four Atlantic City online casino gaming sites, which were apparently targeted by a hacker who promised more disruption unless a ransom was paid in Bitcoin,” reports.

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Director David Rebuck said the attack was launched Thursday, before the long July 4th holiday weekend, and continued through Sunday.

“At least four casinos were impacted and experienced downtime,” he said. “We’re continuing to monitor.”

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