Cyber Security Chief Comes to Apple

Growing concerns within Apple – and from its customers – has promoted the Cupertino, California-based tech giant to tap the services of a trusted combatant in the world of cyber security.

Apple has hired David Rice, a former NSA official and US naval officer to serve as the company’s new “Global Security Director.”

The move comes as Apple continues aggressively promoting its products to big business and government agencies – both of which cannot afford to utilize a vulnerable platform plagued by security threats.

A cybersecurity expert with both business and government credentials, Rice is expected to be the company’s new face of security in helping promote the iPhone and iPad to large customers and partners.

According to CNET:

Those who know Rice describe him as a deeply respected name in IT security circles who not only can speak the kind of language that makes CIOs comfortable, but can also back up that language with the skills and knowledge to match.

Rice will assume his new position in March.

Rice graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1994. Shortly thereafter, he went to work as a global network vulnerability analyst for the National Security Agency. Simultaneously, he served as a “Special Duty Cryptologic” officer for the US Navy.

Most recently, Rice comes to Apple as the executive director of the Monterey Group – a cybersecurity consulting firm. Various published reports also indicate that Rice remains on the faculty of IANS, a prominent information security research company.