CTIA Updates Best Practices For Location-Based Services

CTIA Updates Best Practices For Location-Based ServicesBuilding on the original set of best practices related to location-based services (LBS), the CTIA has updated the guidelines in accordance with the ever-growing industry that utilizes a user’s location for a variety of services and solutions.

Because the use of one’s location takes into account privacy and consumer protection concerns, the CTIA felt the time was right for an update as new LBS services hit the market everyday, and to promote and protect the privacy of wireless customers’ location information.

“For more than a decade, CTIA has been a leader in ensuring consumers’ location privacy. As the wireless industry continues to develop innovative new devices, cutting-edge LBS apps and deploy next generation networks, it’s important that our industry’s best practices evolve to reflect the changes in the wireless ecosystem,” said Steve Largent, president and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

The guidelines are focused on the LBS user whose location information is used or disclosed.  It’s the LBS user whose privacy is most at risk if the location information is misused or disclosed without authorization.   Thus, the guidelines place a premium on user notice and control- and applies to everyone in the value chain who should be in accordance.

A main point to guideline updates were to take into account the fact that numerous entities can now work together on a single LBS application, which can account for further privacy concerns if not handled properly.  In addition, the update addresses:

  • Application of the Guidelines to the use of various location technologies
  • Clarification of the relationship between account holder and user
  • Other general improvements to aid clarity

Guidelines and best practices, such as those set forth by the CTIA and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), are the foundation for success for any provider or brand delving into mobile marketing, advertising or any other aspect that involves utilizing consumer information in any way.  These  new guidelines are flexible enough to anticipate future LBS developments, CTIA explains, but as location continues to be the topic of choice in the mobile realm, revision will undoubtedly be necessary.