CTIA Announces New Mobile App Rating System

Mobile apps are getting a new ratings system.

On Tuesday, CTIA – The Wireless Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) announced a newly-developed rating system that six mobile application storefronts will voluntarily support as part of their application submission process.

According to details presented during the announcement, the CTIA Mobile Application Rating System with ESRB will utilize the well-known and trusted age rating icons that ESRB assigns to computer and video games to provide parents and consumers reliable information about the age-appropriateness of applications.

AT&T, Microsoft, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless are the founding members of the rating system, and other storefronts have indicated their interest in joining.

Conspicuously absent from the mix is Apple, which doesn’t appear interested in having its App Store participate at this time.

As technologies and build-out schedules differ by each storefront, full implementation timelines will vary; each storefront may make its own announcement on when the rating system will be available for their customers.

“Today’s announcement is another example of our industry’s continued commitment to informing parents and consumers about the content and contextual material that is available in mobile applications,” CTIA said in a statement. “CTIA is proud to have worked with the six founding storefronts, ESRB and developers to create this user-friendly and reliable mobile application rating system that will provide parents and consumers with information so they can determine what’s appropriate for children.”