Crossix Launches Programmatic HCP for Marketers

Crossix announced this week the launch of Crossix Programmatic HCP — an extension of its market-leading programmatic audience offering, specifically designed to help marketers reach the right HCPs.

Through the convergence of Crossix and Acxiom’s unique data assets and technology, Crossix Programmatic HCP enables marketers to reach their intended HCP audiences in a substantially more accurate, comprehensive, and scalable way.

“Crossix has been an important partner in improving our consumer targeting strategies, and we’re excited that they are extending their proven expertise to HCP campaigns,” said Matt Nespoli, Associate Digital Media Director at Butler/Till. “HCP targeting has had its challenges in the past, but now we can confidently expand our HCP reach beyond just endemic websites and email campaigns to engage the right HCPs more effectively and efficiently.”

Historically, reaching HCPs online at scale has been limited by the inherent challenges of connecting offline HCP information with online digital identities. Because HCPs leverage their personal information in addition to their professional information online, most approaches miss opportunities to reach their qualified targets.

Fueled by the Crossix-Acxiom HCP Match Graph, Crossix Programmatic HCP solves this problem by leveraging both consumer (age, ethnicity, media habits, Rx behavior, etc.) and professional data (state licensor, business association and organization information, etc.). Each data set is used in combination with LiveRamp’s omnichannel identity resolution service to enable marketers to reach HCPs across all devices and websites. Marketers can target specific specialty or sub-specialty audience segments, or they can use their own HCP target lists, which Crossix can easily onboard.

“Acxiom’s partnership with Crossix delivers truly unique solutions, and the addition of Programmatic HCP is no exception. Our combined resources help marketers target the most relevant healthcare professional audiences by connecting more data,” said Rick Erwin, President and General Manager, Audience Solutions, at Acxiom. “As the data foundation for the world’s best marketers, this is an exciting next step in the evolution of our targeting technology. We are more confident than ever that our data will deliver even more precision and scalability in reaching target HCP audiences and driving stronger patient outcomes as a result.”