Cross-Screen Users Multiplying at the Speed of Light

Cross-Screen Users Multiplying at the Speed of LightWomen aged 25 to 49, according to a new cross-screen study by Millennial Media and comScore, are the biggest demographic to use multiple devices during the day at 80%.

The report goes on to give information that, frankly, isn’t all that surprising. For one, more people are using mobile devices to connect to the internet than ever before, more people than ever own multiple devices that connect to the Internet, including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablet computers, and more people are staying connected throughout their day using multiple devices (Does that information surprise you? We didn’t think so).

Also not surprising was that the amount of people who access the Internet either via a PC or mobile device grew in the last 12 months by 4% to just over 200 million users.

Those numbers are a bit misleading however as, during that time, the growth rate for mobile-only users grew nine times that rate while users who access the Internet using their PCs only decreased 11 times that rate. At the same time the amount of time that consumers are spending on smartphones grew by 20% the study said.

Even baby boomers are getting in on the new trend to cross-screen as people 50 years of age or older using one or more devices grew by almost 20% in the last year while those using only a PC decreased by nearly the same number.

Also in the last year the amount of consumers who use more than one device grew from 63% to 70%.

Right now in the United States there are just over 140 million cross screen users but the time they spend on each of their devices varies by demographics and activity.

Across all devices, for example, the category Games is definitely where the majority of users spend their time. When streaming music, the leading device being used is smartphones at 80% with tablets at a very low 16%. When it comes to Retail content, more women and adults over the age of 50 shop for retail items using their tablets.

Finally, when it comes to Business and Finance, smart phones are definitely the king among young adults 18 to 24.

What these numbers really show, more than anything else, is that the average consumer is spending more time on the Internet using mobile devices than ever before. It might not mean the end of the PC or laptop computer, but it’s certainly putting a huge dent in their sales.