Cross Device Marketing Giant Tapad Partners with Sojern

On Thursday, MMW learned that Tapad — a leader in cross-device marketing technology — has secured a new partnership with Sojern, travel’s direct demand engine.

Together, we’re told that the new powerhouse pair will provide marketers with an even stronger understanding of travelers as they research and shop across multiple devices.

Combined with its 350 million global traveler profiles and billions of predictive purchase intent signals, Sojern utilizes the Tapad Device Graph to resolve the complex travel consumer journey, target travelers more precisely and derive more actionable insights for its travel clientele.

According to Sojern’s research, travelers visit hundreds of websites preceding their trip purchase, with some consumers reaching upwards of 450 touchpoints prior to booking. Sojern’s partnership with Tapad will help “unify these touchpoints across devices, enabling travel brands to more effectively nurture and engage potential buyers during the purchase process regardless of which device they use.”

“Sojern has been focused on travel for over a decade, helping brands activate predictive purchase signals and leverage our traveler profiles into effective performance marketing campaigns,” said Mat Harris, Sojern’s VP of product and enterprise solutions. “The cross-device insights we gain from the Tapad Device Graph™ provide a valuable tool for our customers to reach travelers across devices in real time, at scale and on the right device.”