Cross Audience Touts Launch of Mobile DSP

Cross Audience announced ahead of the weekend the launch of its mobile DSP (Demand Side Platform).

In addition to IAB standard ad formats, Cross Audience’s platform is equipped to serve engaging rich media, native and video formats (including pre-roll, MRAID and VPAID).

The announcement marks an important expansion for the company, which provides a full range of mobile marketing services aimed at driving measurable results for mid- and large-sized companies.

“The new mobile DSP will offer both self-service and full-service options to accommodate any size marketing budget,” a provided statement reads. “Full-service clients will be supported by Cross Audience’s client services team and will receive white glove service at every stage of their campaign, from asset creation through analytics and optimization. Self-service clients will have access to Cross Audience’s robust support site, with available support from the client services team.”

Companies who advertise via the mobile DSP at either service level will be able to leverage Cross Audience’s premium publisher relationships, as well as their troves of high-quality first- and third-party data.

“Our mobile DSP will give advertisers access to some of the most trusted names in digital publishing, as well as the premium audiences they’ve been struggling to reach through other partners – particularly if they don’t have a Fortune 500-sized budget,” says Jeffrey Kamikow, CEO of Cross Audience. “Whether they’re aiming to drive app downloads or sales, we’re offering scalable, data-driven, programmatic advertising that many mid-sized companies haven’t been able to take advantage of previously.”