Crisp Wireless Launches “Always There” Mobile Ads

Crisp Wireless Launches Always There Mobile AdsCrisp Wireless today launched a new mobile ad-serving technology that aims at bringing the benefits of in-app advertising to the mobile Web by way of serving “always viewable” ads on mobile sites known for their limited real estate.

The new technology, dubbed “Adhesion,” serves ads that remain fixed “above-the-fold” on a mobile site, providing the maximum view time and opportunities for engagement.  It solves the problem of standard mobile web banners having limited effectiveness because they go out of view as soon as the user scrolls.

With an Adhesion-placed ad, the user will see a banner ad at the top of the screen, whether they’re scrolling, going to different pages or otherwise interacting with the site.  It keeps the ad viewable at all times, while still giving the user the opportunity to get rid of it if they choose.

Crisp’s Adhesion technology supports all of the company’s ad-formats including expandable, location-aware, tap-to-video, tap-to-call, data collection, link to social networking capabilities and more.  Each Adhesion ad offers a control menu, allowing the viewer to expand, close, save, or share the ad content through email or social networks. Adhesion can even serve display ad units, such as MMA banners, from third parties, including other ad networks.

“Today, we are raising the stakes in mobile advertising. Crisp is the first to offer this innovative ad placement on the mobile web, delivering new value to both brand advertisers and premium publishers,” said Boris Fridman, CEO of Crisp Wireless. “Adhesion, combined with Crisp’s rich media ad formats, provides publishers with far more compelling inventory and delivers brands superior performance.”

Crisp is starting things off with a partnership with Hearst Media, where Adhesion placement will be offered to advertisers targeting any of Hearst’s media properties such as Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan.  A validating partnership for the new technology.  Still, I don’t know how users will react to an ad that’s more or less always there.  Sure they can hide the ad if they choose, but it could still become yet another annoyance for most mobile users.