Cricket Hops On Over to Target

Cricket Communications, Inc. – a growing wireless services provider – today confirmed the upcoming introduction of Muve Music and all-inclusive, nationwide Cricket monthly voice products into your friendly neighborhood Target store.

All told, the roll-out will cover approximately 1,600 Target stores across the United States.

Cricket said Friday that products will become available this Sunday, April 22, and will “further enable Cricket to bring its industry-leading value proposition to an expanded nationwide audience.”

The introduction into Target is another step in Cricket’s major retail expansion, begun in 2011, that will result in Cricket products and services being available to more consumers across the country.

With the Muve Music Smartphone rate plan, Target shoppers are told they can enjoy unlimited song downloads, ringtones, and ringback tones, as well as nationwide calling; unlimited text, picture, video messaging and 3G mobile data; mobile video; data back-up, and 411 assistance all for $55 per month.

Do you think the new partnership with Target will provide a big boost to Cricket?