Creative Polite Banners Corner Best Click Rates for Luxury Ads

Creative Polite Banners Corner Best Click Rates for Luxury AdsPerhaps it says as much about the general state of the economy as advertising, but when it comes to click rates for polite banner ads served up Sizmek, the luxury ads are the winners.

“The average clickthrough rate (CTR) for any polite banner ad served on the Sizmek MDX platform in H1 2014 was just 0.13 percent,” according to eMarketer. “But for luxury ads of the same format, CTRs rose to 0.37 percent — and interaction rates on the same types of ads rose from 1.32 percent for the average advertisers to 2.55 percent for luxury brands.”

Those luxury brands additionally boasted a higher-than-average dwell rate. Dwell rate is a measure of interaction with digital advertisements originally developed by Sizmek (when the company was known as DG MediaMind).

“Polite banners can really draw users in with beautiful creative,” said Michael Froggatt, principal research analyst at Sizmek. “And for web users, they aren’t as intrusive” as other formats can be. Beautiful creative is often the hallmark of luxury advertising, so it’s unsurprising that the format does particularly well with these brands. The addition to rich media of video — also in a polite format –likewise worked well for luxury advertisers on the Sizmek platform.”

As for HTML5 formats, both expandable and polite formats performed better for luxury brands than average in terms of CTRs. The company said expandable banners performed nearly twice as well for luxury brands as for the average advertiser.