Council for Research Excellence Presents Findings from New Study

The Council for Research Excellence (CRE) is out with the findings from a new study, “Modeled Consumer Data: Validating the Targets.”

The details were first dished at the Data & Marketing Association’s annual &THEN Conference in New Orleans.

The CRE says the study is a “step toward bringing transparency to the science of modeled consumer data.”

The study utilized data supplied by research partner AIG Travel Insurance, recruited with assistance from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), to examine how closely the modeled/lookalike targets developed by demand side platforms (DSPs) reflect marketers’ true target audiences. The study was conducted for the CRE’s Big Data Committee by Pre-Meditated Media.

“This study brings an important level of transparency to a very opaque process,” says Stacey Schulman, EVP of Strategy & Analytics for Katz Media Group and Chair of the CRE’s Big Data Committee. “Not enough is known about how consumer models are constructed and how accurately they depict intended target consumers. This study is a significant step in pulling back the curtain to enable the industry to better understand and work to improve modeling. On behalf of the CRE, I would like to thank AIG Travel Insurance for partnering with us on this important project.”

Information about the study and its findings is available in full here.