Could Google’s Open Source Software Fuchsia Keep Company in the Pink?

googleGoogle’s Fuchsia could help keep the company very much in the pink.

The firm is hard at work on Fuchsia, an open source operating system that’s designed to scale all the way from Internet of Things devices through to phones and even PCs.

“Its kernel includes ‘grown up’ OS features like user modes and a capability-based security model, Android Police notes, and it supports both advanced graphics as well ARM and 64-bit Intel-based PCs,” reports Engadget. “To no one’ surprise, it’s using Google’s own Dart programming language at its heart.”

Engadget insiders have the lowdown on current status.

“You can run Fuchsia either on a computer or a virtual machine if you’d like to give the early code a try, and Google’s Travis Geiselbrecht adds that you’ll soon see it running on the Raspberry Pi 3,” the site notes.

Will Fuchsia be the end-all-be-all? The answer is a definite “maybe.”

“There’s no guarantee that this will be the next Android, Brillo, or Chrome OS,” according to Engadget. “Right now, it comes across as an experiment that could lay the groundwork for bigger efforts. It could be the platform that Google uses when it wants more flexibility and power than a platform like Brillo can offer, but doesn’t need the deep feature set (and resulting overhead) of something like Android.”

Color us interested, though, which is why we’ll be following the ebb and flow of future Fuchsia news.