Could App Streaming Be the Future? Google Suggests Yes with Agawi Acquisition

Could App Streaming Be the Future Google Suggests Yes with Agawi AcquisitionCould there come a time when even the easy task of downloading an app seems to take too much time?

Maybe so. And it looks as if companies like Google might be preparing for that not-so-distant future.

There’s no proof, but there is evidence. It was recently confirmed by Google that it has snapped up a company called Agawi (in 2014, actually). Agawi’s claim to fame is in mobile app streaming — a process that lets a user use an app without first needing to download or install it on their mobile phones.

“Unfortunately it is unclear as to what Google has planned for the company,” notes a recent story at UberGizmo. “A curt statement (from) Google said “The Agawi team has joined Google. We aren’t sharing other details.” That being said, given Agawi’s specialty, it does seem that app streaming could be on Google’s mind.”

Streaming from the cloud could grow even more prevalent. And Google could use Agawi’s technology to change how app search in Google works. In other words, streaming technology might allow people search for and then preview apps before downloading them.

“Given that right now a lot of things are streamed such as music, movies, and even video games, who’s to say that mobile apps won’t be next?” muses Ubergizmo. “Of course, the downside is that it will require users to always have an internet connection, but perhaps it would be offered as an alternative as opposed to a replacement.”