Corporate Mobile Apps Just Aren’t Working Well

Corporate Mobile Apps Just Aren't Working WellWhen it comes to corporate mobile apps, if you can’t live with them, apparently, you can still live without them.

That’s what new independent study by Mobiquity finds.

A research report titled “Employee Mobile App Satisfaction Report” reveals that 58 percent of employees at mid-to-large businesses abandon the corporate mobile apps they should be using for work-related tasks on their smartphones and tablets.

Instead, 64 percent of employees “go rogue,” freely downloading apps of their own choice from the public app stores to use at work and putting corporate security at risk.

“It’s clear that employee satisfaction with corporate mobile apps is falling short,” observes Scott Snyder, chief strategy officer at Mobiquity.

“To ensure greater app engagement – and reduce the privacy and security risks associated with rogue app usage – enterprises must adopt the same best practices as they do for customer-facing apps,” Snyder adds. “Identifying use cases and user personas is key to designing rich, mobile app experiences that keep employees engaged and productive.”