Controversial Banned App Market Bestows Access to Taboo Apps

The launch of a new mobile app marketplace is turning heads Wednesday, as it bestows access to mobile apps rejected, blocked, or blacklisted by the major mobile app stores of the world, including those operated by Apple and Android. is billed as “the first place to find those blacklisted apps in all areas of interest.”

The site upholds to the least amount of restriction possible, maintaining a database of most desirable banned apps removed due to customer complaints about content, nudity, gaming, provocative content, and simply not considered acceptable by Apple and Android shops.

“Many developers that want the right to express their creativity and uncensored ingenuity now have an outlet,” says Harmon Cogert, Managing Director of the Banned App Market. “The company policy of free listing of the apps and immediate direct payment to developers makes the Market extremely significant for them.”

The is hoping to give mobile users an unusual taste of apps featuring “unconventional, thought-provoking, racy content and sensationalism.”

Does this sound like a viable platform for mobile apps or a gimmick for controversy in the short run?