Content Marketing: The Antidote to Rote

Content Marketing The Antidote to RoteContent marketing is more than words. That’s the rote definition, but not the right one.

At its best, content marketing is the way Internet-savvy companies cajole, inform, persuade, educate, empathize, and call to action.

What are the different forms of content marketing? Ashley Waite, a content writing intern at Fusion 360, has written a blog post addressing the question.

“There are different types of content and the underlying purpose is to engage readers and encourage them to act,” Waite writes. “This is a necessary tool to increase brand awareness for businesses. Articles, blogs, white pages, and stories are styles of writing that are used on the Internet to generate more traffic to a business’ Web page.”

Waite outlines various forms of content with differing aims. Fact-based articles engender brand loyalty by helping consumers understand. “Fast information” (i.e. How-Tos and quick lists) succinctly addresses problems and offers solutions. Promotional messages, which provide news of sales, special offers, and events, are yet another form of content marketing.

“The point of content marketing is to get in the mind of the audience and direct their actions in a way that will bring in more business for your company,” Waite says.

To read the Fusion360 post in its entirety, click here.