Content Analytics, Bazaarvoice Partnership Packs Punch for Marketers

Formally announced as the new year fell upon us, Content Analytics, a leading provider of eCommerce Analytics and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, and Bazaarvoice, the world’s largest network of active shoppers, have confirmed a new strategic partnership.

“In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, identifying opportunities for content improvement and acting on those opportunities as quickly as possible is essential to growing sales online,” reads a media statement provided to MMW.

“Obtaining high quality product content is one of our top priorities at Walmart. As we build the world’s largest product catalog by scaling from millions to hundreds of millions of products, that problem is becoming ever more important,” said Ram Rampalli, Director of Product Content at Walmart Stores, Inc.

We’re told that the two companies will collaborate to identify opportunities for clients to improve reviews, ratings, imagery, descriptions and attributes. Content Analytics will provide on-going reporting for selected Bazaarvoice clients. Bazaarvoice will support Content Analytics clients by offering tools and methods to build review volume and syndicate into the Bazaarvoice Network.

“Not only can we identify opportunities for improvement,” said Kenji Gjovig, Director of Parnterships at Content Analytics, “but in partnership with Bazaarvoice we can also help our clients improve the quantity and quality of reviews for their products. This capability is a welcome addition to our existing capabilities for identifying content improvement opportunities and storing and syndicating supplier content for those products.”