Consumers Focused on Financial Security and Digital Privacy

Consumers Focused on Financial Security and Digital PrivacyAccording to a recent SecurityWatch report from PC Mag, this summer’s scandal surrounding NSA leaks “caused people to start asking some serious questions.”

From ecommerce security to digital privacy, consumers have never before been more preoccupied with the digital dangers of our time.

Although several leading credit card payment processing companies like North American Bancard have made it more safe and secure than ever for consumers to navigate the online retail scene, consumers must still take responsible steps to protect themselves, especially if the businesses they patronize rely on service providers that don’t take security as seriously as they should.

Fortunately, the first line of defense again financial and identity theft is awareness. And awareness is certainly on the rise among today’s connected consumers.

In fact, market research company Lab42 recently published a study that clearly indicates how consumers now value online privacy and security a great deal.

To prove this point in compelling fashion, the company released an infographic to highlight key findings. To learn more, check out the visual below.