Consumers Awaiting Air Dock to Ship Next Month

Consumers Awaiting Air Dock to Ship Next MonthIn March, MMW reported that the Air Dock – a wireless charging dock for smartphones – would launch sometime this spring. Now, the countdown is on. And we’re told shipments will begin in the coming days as the month of May gets underway.

In 2013, the innovators behind Air Dock found success in the world of crowdfunding as the public turned to Indiegogo to help back the project that cultivated the hype surrounding this looming launch.

Having more than doubled its funding goal (Air Dock raked in $148,773), the Air Dock is already established as “the world’s best smartphone car charger and dock.”

But why?

“Most wireless chargers are simply mats, which makes it convenient to just lay your phone down and leave it to charge,” the makers say on their blog. “But, say you’re sitting at your desk and you need to use your phone while it’s charging? As soon as you lift it off the mat, it quits charging your phone. Here’s where the Air Dock can come in to save the day; the Air Dock has different mounts to choose from, each mount using the same micro-suction foam and magnets to hold your phone securely upright in such a way that you can see and use your phone even while it’s wirelessly charging.”

The Air Dock wireless charger – which will work with the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Note 2 and 3, and the iPhone 4 and 5 –  will sell for $68.99 and ships with dual USB power supply and USB cable.

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