Consumer Reports Gives High Marks to Verizon Wireless

For years, it’s been understood that to prevent an argument, two subjects to avoid are politics and religion. But given how contentious some passionate wireless subscribers can be, perhaps discussing the best and worst mobile carriers should also be avoided.

Nonetheless, Consumer Reports is likely going to spark ample debate today. The venerable consumer publication is weighing in on the best and worst mobile networks. The top carrier was once again Verizon, with Sprint and T-Mobile following in second and third, respectively.

“Verizon stands out from the pack if you are a heavy-duty data user,” says Consumer Reports Senior Electronics Editor Mike Gikas. “They’re the Cadillac network. They’re pricey in some respects, but in terms of overall quality of service and availability of service, they are the overall leader.”

Consumer Reports’ rankings put AT&T dead last as the “overall worst U.S. carrier.”