Connexity Announces Acquisition of Hitwise from Experian

Connexity Announces Acquisition of Hitwise from ExperianDigital marketing company Connexity today announced that it acquired Hitwise, a key player in large-scale online clickstream data collection and consumer behavioral analytics.

Hitwise, a provided statement explains, will operate as a division within Connexity.

Hitwise’s broad, audience-based insights into consumer online behavioral trends bolsters Connexity’s offering to marketers, agencies and publishers—giving them an unmatched ability to understand, reach and acquire their target customer.

“Hitwise’s shift from website analytics to audience-based analytics aligns perfectly with our audience activation approach at Connexity, which is focused on delivering highly-targeted audiences created from our expansive shopping network,” says Bill Glass, CEO of Connexity.

The combination of AudienceView’s clickstream and panel-based data with Connexity’s programmatic audience targeting, Glass asserts, “will enable our customers to research, understand and identify their target audiences, and their behaviors, and eventually, in the same interface activate those audiences.”