Connected Media Device Adoption Accelerates into Year’s End

Connected Media Device Adoption Accelerates into Year's EndConnected media device adoption has grown throughout 2013 much faster than originally anticipated.

In particular, connected-TV devices were red hot this year, likely shifting to white-hot in 2014.

By this time next year, there will be more than 202 million media devices present in U.S. homes, up from the 140 million devices present today.

NPD Group’s Connected Home Forecast places “home devices” under the banner of connected TV, streaming media players, Blu-Ray players and, naturally, video game consoles.

Connected TVs, once just a middleman for connected devices, are becoming a much more prominent piece of the living room experience. More connected TVs are being produced, purchased, installed, and ultimately connected to the Internet, and by 2015 there will be 23 million installed and connected.

“As consumers connect TVs to the Internet, they are not only using streaming services such as Netflix, they also switch from linear and on-demand TV programming to TV network apps such as HBOGO or WatchESPN,” says John Buffone, executive director and industry analyst for NPD Connected Intelligence. “This change in behavior emphasizes the importance of developing strong watch apps and ensuring they are available on all the devices viewers use to connect their TVs.”