Connected Devices Growing Faster Than Expected in U.S.

The mobile landscape is growing farther and wider with each passing day, says a new report from InMobi.

The independent mobile advertising network teamed with Mobext for a new in-depth study which reveals that smartphone and tablet adoption is rising dramatically in the U.S. And the result is a new way in which U.S. consumers shop and consume media.

InMobile announced Thursday that the research led to findings that demonstrate that consumers are spending more time on mobile connected devices. And, not surprisingly, time spent on smartphones and tablets is playing a major role in consumer purchasing decisions.

Tablet use, for example, now stands at 29.5 million in the U.S.

Connected devices are also significantly cannibalizing other forms of entertainment consumption and shopping. When asked what activities they do less after owning a tablet, 29% of U.S. tablet users said they have reduced reading books in print. Another 29% of tablet owners claimed they reduced surfing the internet via their PC and/or laptop. Nearly half of tablet owners–48%–agree that tablets’ appealing design and accessibility make it is easier to access media content than on a PC or laptop.

Additionally, over 60% of U.S. tablet owners spend at least 30 minutes each day accessing media content on their tablets and 52% use a tablet to fill what previously would have been “dead time.”

Phuc Truong, Managing Director at Mobext, says that “These results confirm our position on the importance of integrating tablets into multi-channel campaigns from the start. Our “mobile first” mantra for creative tablet- and mobile-specific solutions for clients continues to enhance their brands.”