Congressman Wants to Empower Mobile Users with Greater Data Control

U.S. Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia wants to give mobile users greater control over the data obtained and stored by mobile apps.

Earlier this week, Johnson released a discussion draft of the Application Privacy, Protection, and Security Act. Based on what is known of the proposal, mobile app makers would be mandated to give users notice of the specific information the apps are supposed to obtain.

Device owners must first consent to having the data collected before it is.

Inspired by suggestions presented in response to the launch of last summer, Johnson believes mobile users should also retain the ability to notify developers when they have stopped using any apps that collect data so that data collection can stop and all collected data can be deleted.

“Because the majority of the feedback that we received on AppRights expressed strong support for user control, transparency, and security, we incorporated these principles into the bill,” Johnson says. “Many of you also told us that simple mechanisms are important to protecting your privacy on mobile devices,” he added. “After listening to these concerns, we have written provisions to address these concerns without threatening the functionality or integrity of the mobile apps that you love.”

To learn more about the discussion draft generating so much attention from the mobile privacy and security crowd today, click here.