ComScore Teams With Flurry To Bolster Mobile Metrics

Optimizing Campaigns For An Influx Of Mobile SearchComScore, the clear leader in web statistics and analysis, has teamed with Flurry to add real-time mobile metric data to its host of statistic reporting.  With Flurry’s mobile data in tow, comScore can provide a complete picture of how people are interacting with not only the traditional Web, but mobile as well.

The announcement comes only weeks after Flurry announced that it had merged with Pinch Media, retaining its namesake in the process.  For a company with barely a year under its belt, Flurry is making headway quickly and seems determined to become the reigning king of mobile analytics.

With the influx of new mobile data from Flurry, comScore will add real-time consumption data — including frequency of use, length of use, user geographic location, new vs. repeat usage and Wi-Fi vs. carrier network usage — to its mobile application data.  Judging by Flurry’s recently announced stats on the overall use of its analytics solution, comScore couldn’t have chosen a better partner.

The company recently announced that it collects mobile application data from approximately two out of every three iPhone and Android devices. Each month, the company aggregates application usage data from over 1 billion end-user sessions across more than 50 million unique handsets from more than 200 countries. Over 10,000 developers have chosen to integrate Flurry analytics within their applications.  In other words, nobody knows how consumers interact with mobile applications better than Flurry.

As mobile media in general continues to take shape, there’s an increased reliance on mobile metrics to help measure how end-users interact with the various mobile channels.  For the industry to grow, data is key.  ComScore and Flurry both represent dominance in their respective categories, and the combination of the two creates a powerhouse of information across the entire ecosystem.